Saturday, November 04, 2006

Guna jari pun boleh...

"I’ll decide my table arrangement once he decides his. I SO do not want to sit facing him again"
I turned around only to find his face 3 feet away from mine. I could feel myself blushing with embarrassment and how I wish I could fly to Lala Land and hide my head under my pillows made out of white puffy clouds. *banging head on table*

If you know me, you know I have a thing about people looking/staring at me for more than 30 seconds. Eye contact during a conversation I can handle. Not while me busy blogging/checking my msgs during office hours and of course, working. *ahem* Even with my eyes glued to the computer screen, I could still feel the staring and the watching. Don’t know why larr. I am that conscious. It’s not him (my manager), it is just something I am not comfortable with. I used to have my own room/space so yes I am spoilt! Ha.

I spent about RM200 on my hair. My mom and second sister do not understand how could I spend so much on myself. WELL… how am I supposed to explain to them the instant boost of confidence I get when I see my beautiful hair *wink* in the mirror? How do I explain that ‘proud’ feeling I get or the fact my face lit up automatically when someone commented how look I good with my beautiful hair? Call me vain but it FEELS SO BLOODY DAMN GOOD.


I needed this self-pampering. I am so sick with all the drama of these terrible actors/actresses that think the world is jealous of them and punishing them by making their life miserable. I am tired pretending I am fine and trying to please everyone. It’s really frustrating when I can only imagine hurling them with a heavy object when they start to annoy me. *grrr*

Starbucks finally opened not one but TWO outlets in KK (and eight more to open soon). *woohoo* I finally had my Ice Blended Mocha last night after months of cravings. It was good and I felt better too just hang out on a Friday night with friends. I wanted to take some shots but I am so shy. *whistles* The next time larr. Even if I did, I couldn’t post it here because I somehow could not upload any pictures now. I don’t know why and I have given up hope trying to figure it out.

We have also moved to the new office. The new place is a lot bigger than the old one. Sure I like it here, but the only problem is it is so far away from everyone else. To get my boss’ signature I need to walk up. To fax a document I need to walk up. To go to the storeroom I need to walk up. *sigh* Welcome to my life.

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