Thursday, November 02, 2006

a short one

I wish I have extra pairs of hand or maybe an extra mind so I could blog and work at the same time. *sigh* I used to handle a lot more work than this but of course I have no idea what a blog is back then. There are so many things I wanna blog about but I am too busy or too tired to think. Oh well.

Short re-cap of the past week.

My trip to my mom’s hometown was a good one. The place changed so much it didn’t look like a kampung anymore. A kampung should look like the pictures in the book. You know wooden houses, paddy fields, etc. Instead you have big brick houses with Astro dishes and few 4WD parked in their garage. A little disappointing but hey, I can’t stop them from improving their lifestyles can I? The roads, oh they finally have tarred roads too! *clap clap clap* I remember the bumpy/muddy rides before and it was really a pain in the arse. *wink*

I finally get to see the langsat/rambutan/durian/tarap/bambangan trees during the fruit season. All those fruit peeking out from the branches was… exciting. *whistles* I am so the very jakun aren’t I? I also had my first taste of fruit picking in the fruit orchard. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. It was hot, tiring, sticky, muddy and itchy affair. Those jungle mosquitoes were SO huge, I was actually afraid of them! They feasted on my arms and legs and I had over 40 itchy mosquito bites. It was crazy. I also managed to get a tan. *lol* Weird but true.

We went to the jetty to get fresh seafood and it was also different from what I remembered. One thing remains the same is the wooden dock (not sure if I am using the right terminology here) that connects the jetty and those fishing boats – does that make sense? ANYWAY the wooden thing didn’t looked too safe and it actually wobbled so I stayed put while my mom, grandma and youngest sister went to towards the end to pick live tiger prawns for dinner. I was actually afraid they would end up in the sea especially when I heard cracking sounds from the dock. At one point, my mom actually squatted down because she was feeling a little sick in the stomach. Hee. Then my grandma told us about a month ago, one of the wooden dock collapse and six people were injured because of the fall. *gasp* Now she tell us. I’m sure the fall was painful as the ground was full with seashells.

The long holidays came and went, and I am missing it terribly.

I dragged myself to work imagining how terrible it would be. It sucked but not too bad until we were told to vacant our office ASAP and move to the dungeon below far far away from civilization. *banging head on the wall* In my previous company, we moved to 4 different offices! Here, though this is my first, my department has already moved numerous times and this may not be the last move. *sigh*

Another irritating news I got was my manager volunteered me to take up a task in the next TC meeting. Wtf? I am not even a member and I only attended the meeting once. They have over 40 members and he had to volunteer me. When I confronted him, he said I was very interested about joining the club. *roll eyes* What did he expect me to do? Tell everyone at the meeting that I think I wasted my time attending it? Crazy.

Why do some people think they are doing us a favor when all they do is make our life more miserable?

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