Monday, November 27, 2006

Mood: Frustrated

I am in an extremely crappy mood today.
If I could do what my insanity tells me to do, I would tell everyone to go *censored*

Been feeling shitty since last week.
I know I should have gone to see a doctor, BUT… it is very difficult for me to ask for favors from anyone especially after the little speech someone made the other day.
Yes, I am do have my pride, thank you very much.
Unless I am bleeding or in extreme pain (and I have high tolerance for pain), I will then only politely ask someone to send me to the nearest panel clinic/emergency room.

I am irritable and can/will explode over the smallest thing.
Like when two pieces of newspaper went missing this morning. I asked her if she had seen it and she told me no. I SO did not believe her so I went to check her table when she went out for lunch. Guess what? The two missing newspapers are in her cabinet. Coincidence? I think not!
I could/should confronted her but after last week’s episode, I know it will be a waste of effort, time and energy. For all I know she could accuse me of planting the evidence at her place. *rolls eyes* You can never tell with psychos.

My solution? I told the concierge not to send the newspapers anymore. I will personally go and collect them myself.

Why do I have to care so much about missing newspapers?
This is not about the newspapers. It’s about people taking me for granted/treating me like I’m an idiot.

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