Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it took me five day to finish this one

"dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen"

I could hear the audition for the new resident band.
The pub is just four doors away.
How I wish I am there instead.
With one hand in my pocket and the other holding a glass of frozen margarita.

TGIF. Time flies when you’re having fun.
*rolls eyes*
Work was a little hectic with all the packing, tagging, running around and "coordination" jobs.
BTW, I think this is one of those few rare weeks where I did not lose my temper or got irritated/agitated. Did I? Hmm… *thinking* *Checking previous entries*

… I was a little upset on Monday for the task at the TM meeting, but that wasn’t really a big deal. *whistles*
Maybe I was wrapped up with work or maybe because those people around me were having a good week as well. Whatever it is, I do not want to jinx it.

Back to my margarita.
Gone were the days when I could party all night on a working day, clock in at work by 8.30am (we start at 9.00am) the next morning and look like I have just walked out of a spa.
Now, I get tired just thinking about it. *LOL*
Even when I get enough eight-hour sleep I still look like s***.
I am getting older.
Maybe not.

Clubbing is not only about getting wasted or collecting phone numbers. *wink* Believe it or not, I learned so much about the people around me and even myself during my ‘clubbing days’. I recognized who MY friends were. I learned to sharpen my senses and instinct as well. It also opened my eyes to… err, a lot of things? *chuckles*

It is also a VERY good exercise with the booty/boobies/fatty-shaking/wobbling.

I met all sort of people in so many ways. Some good, some bad. I learned that people aren’t always what they say they are. Even when their friends vouched for them, it still may not be the truth. *rolls eyes* Looks/first impressions are always misleading and no matter how careful/experienced you are, you can still get yourself hurt. *tear tear*

It’s the same with friends. Some friendships are meant to last longer than the rest. Some vowed they’re your friends forever BUT shit happens. Some friends just slowly disappear, busy with their own world. Nevertheless, I am very blessed indeed when I made few good friends over a jug or two of beer/a bottle or two of JD(s).

Good friends will take care of you WHEN you need to be taken care of. They will not screw you no matter how f***ed up you are. They will hold your hair when you need to throw up in the dirty washroom without being asked to. Good friends will also help you to touch up your make up after a good cry and made sure you arrive home safely even if he or she had to drag you all the way. But most of all, good friends will not take advantage of you no matter the circumstances. I repeat NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.


One of the many happy occasions I remembered the most was a birthday celebration for a friend of ours (I can’t remember who! *Errk*) Everyone who mattered (that means the party kaki) were there and there were plenty to drink. We were laughing and dancing. The cute guy whom we drooled over, *ahem ahem* okay larr, I did most of the drooling, was also there with all his sexy eyes and smiles that still make my heart skips a beat or two. *drooling* The DJ was playing all my favorite songs. It was really a good night and everyone was having a good time.

The birthday girl blew out the candles and what started as a friendly cream smudge on her face became a battle of cream/cakes/ice cubes. I managed to avoid being hit by running away because I was smart. *grinning* I managed to do some "damage" by poking my friend’s eye with my creamed (with cake frostings!) finger and believe it or not, my poorly aimed creamed coated caked ended up in a friend’s ear. I ran out of the place and stayed out of everyone’s way when I saw two girl friends of mine running from the pub, to the main road and across the road to the next block of shop houses. The chaser was holding a piece of heavily creamed cake and the one being chased was screaming for her dear life. Well, she was dressed to kill and cream would only ruined her make-up. *LOL* So much for ladylike and elegance. BUT it was fun fun fun.

So many story to tell. Next entry perhaps?

I did have a lot of fun. I’ve done many crazy things. Do I miss those days? Hell yes. Will I do it again? Definitely. Why I don’t go out anymore? BECAUSE I can’t afford it. *LOL* Also because all my party friends have "settled" down or they’re at the other side of the country. That and the fact that I’ve used up all my energy to please everybody, and now I am too tired to do anything anymore, contributed to my new homey personality. *wink* BUT I am looking forward for my trip. Yes. Very excited.

I toasted to new beginnings.
I drowned sorrows away.
I fell in love.
I fell out of love.
I laughed.
I cried.
I celebrated.
I consoled.

Memories. Experiences. Friendship.
I miss the clubbing me.

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