Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i love you love me

People have been asking me what are my plans for V-Day. Seriously people? Obviously. I don’t. Have any. Plans. And why are you so interested anyway? *rolls eyes*

To be honest, I have never celebrated V-Day the commercial way – you know; dinner, gifts and what not. Well I have that one date BUT it wasn’t a romantic thingy. There was no wine & dine or red roses. There was coffee, movie and a mug though. Besides we were celebrating our birthdays as well – so that doesn’t count right? Right? Don’t tell me I’ve had my V date without me realizing it! *dang*

For some reason I am always single during V-Day. Don’t know why but I assume it is one of universe’s little jokes on me. And yet I have nothing against V-Day. Although I agree it’s crazy to pay more than double for roses, gifts and all, but hey, why complain to show your love to that special someone. If you really love someone, money and the hassle are nada. Well, of course, I am a woman so my opinion may be a little, well, you know based on emotional judgement.

If I get to pick my ideal V-Day date, I’d say, dinner at some place where I can dress up, go dancing and later drinks somewhere outdoor with a great view preferably the sea or the sky with thousands of stars. Just talking and in love. The guy doesn’t even have to buy me anything but of course a gift would be a BIG plus. Hee. I know it’s ordinary and EVERYONE else has done it except for my second sister. *whistles* But hey, it feels good when I imagine it over and over again in my head. No, not pathetic but I was simply exercising my imagination and creativity. Like YOU don’t do it. *rolls eyes*

Sometimes on V-Day I would go out with my single friends, bit**ing and ridiculing all the lovebirds just because. Somewhere in between the session, there will be one or two who gives in to the V-Day pressure and moans about her single-hood and how she will die alone and because the neighbors will only find her body months later when they smell her rotting corpse, her cats will have to eat her because no one will feed them until then. Disturbing? Very.

On a normal V-Day I would just stay at home and watch all those sappy romantic movies with a box of tissue in one hand and a... well anything that is comforting in another. I will try not go out alone on V-Day not because my heart aches when I see couples holding hands with their bouquets of flowers and all. No. But because they are the scariest people during this time of the year. They walk around without a care in the world and if you’re not careful, you will end up crashing into them. It’s like they’re testing their power of love or something. They know they are on your path and yet they need to prove that their love is strong by knocking you off with their deathly lock of loving embrace. They’re the Super Couple. With their power of love, even the eighteen-wheeler will stop to let them cross the road. Hee. Must not forget their disgusted/pitiful stare because you’re all alone on V-Day. *Geez*

Last V-Day I took my son for a walk at the park. I picked some flowers and made him give it to me for V-Day present. *whistles* That was fun. This year, since I have to work, I’ll buy his favorite snack and eat it together while watching one of those sappy V-Day movies, of course after Spongebob that is.

So to all lovers, enjoy your time with that special someone. I know I will.

Wouldn’t be awesome to receive a kick arse bouquet of flowers from some admirer?
*hint hint* to my Mr Right wherever he is.

I like not only to be loved, but to be told that I am loved.
-George Elliot

Ps: I was getting ready for a friend’s engagement party last Sunday and my son was in the room with me. After I finished making myself presentable, he suddenly said "Pewitt (his way of whistling). Pewitt, nice oh". *LOL* He is such a joy.

I heard over the radio that today is the Single Awareness Day. Heh? Oh why not. We have celebrations for almost everything. If you’re single than Happy Single’s Day to you.

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