Friday, September 14, 2007

I miss…
  • Hanging out with friends after work, drinking glasses and glasses of Teh Ais Limau/Teh Tarik/Iced Milo for hours
  • Whining and complaining how life sucks without friends thinking I am being a sadist
  • Having friends who would just agree with my criticizing those people who gives me grief although I am the b****y one
  • Going out dancing without worrying if I will look out of place among those young things with their tiny clothes
  • The arse kicking authentic Penang Char Koey Teow unlike the one fried with soya sauce sold nearby here
  • The DELICIOUS Nasi Lemak Petai Udang sold by that Kakak Corner Jalan at PJS 10 every evening
  • Or the tasty Nasi Lemak Kerang sold by that Pakcik Kancil Merah at SS6 every morning
  • My bad habit
  • Having good guy friends who sometimes forget I have boobs and occasionally wears skirts
  • Having someone who makes me feel sexy/beautiful even after I ate the whole Dunkin’ Donut shop and I have a gigantic zit on my forehead
  • Knowing there is someone wants to share my tomorrows and thinks my eccentricity is cute and not psychotic

I am feeling a lot better. Excuse my insane entry yesterday. I needed to get it out from my chest and blogging is my only source of comfort these days.

It’s crazy considering the people I know and write may stumble upon this blog and read all this. But hey, I mention no names and whatever I have written are truly personal feelings. I still give them the respect and benefit of the doubt every human being deserves no matter how poisonous their lies are or how painful that knife sticking behind my back is.

If you think it is you I am talking about and is upset with what you read, please go away.

If I were a man, I’d go punch someone/something. But because I am a woman, I am only allowed to take deep breathes. Other reactions are considered emotional and weak. How unfair is that?

I hate those who show attitude and temper in the morning. Someone should push them into the sea to chill them out. Push, pull, and repeat until they cool down. On normal days, these people wouldn’t affect me that much. Today, I just want to kick some arse. *beats chest like Tarzan*

You know what else I hate? Hypocrites.

You can’t shake off your deep feelings today. Deal with them, and they’ll vanish.

Easier said than done my friend.

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