Sunday, September 23, 2007

twoinone entry

I am drowning with work.
The funny/stupid thing is, I am busy helping other people doing their tasks.
I made a sarcastic remark about it but no one cared.

Today, all my work was left untouched while they are people who take all the credit for the work we (my other colleagues and I) do for them. Since I work late today, I am allowed to take half day off tomorrow but because I need to finish the work that I didn’t do today, I still have to come to work tomorrow morning because tomorrow afternoon I need to go out to the office and play Santa and in the evening I need to entertain some people. *woohoo*

Am I productive or what? Considering my PC died and I have to make do with available PCs, of course the good thing is, those available PCs are way more high-tech then my dead PC.

I am worried about my abusive two-year old son. My mom and I have enough bruises to press charge him in court. The other night my son scratched my face when I wouldn’t stop tickling him. I actually bleed a little. Then two nights ago, he threw a book at me and it hit me in the eye. My eye swelled a little. Last night, he made me his personal radio. He would pinch my nose and demanded me to sing as per his request. He will pinch and make me change song every 30 seconds. When I told him to cut it out, he pinched my nose harder.

These are only a few of the many things he did. If I tell you every single thing he did, you would shake your head and wish me good luck. *sighs* If he doesn’t change his ways as he get older, someone is so going to a seminary or military school.

Friday was a crazy day. I finished work at 10pm. WE organize a get together with the press for Breaking of Fast. The funny thing is, it’s not even my thing but I ended up organizing and hosting it. Though the whole thing was a mess, and only two reporters came, at least it was done and there’s a guaranteed article in the newspaper.

I went out with some friends last night. Once again I played the listening buddy card. Not that I was interested in anyone in particular. You know what else I noticed last night? I am old. Well, I am the oldest among the friends last night. There was this 22 year old guy who was nursing his broken heart by flirting and later stalking a friend of mine who is 5 years his senior. Another friend was interested in this guy and that guy is 3 years her junior. I am older than all of them.

The only exciting thing happened last night was I lost my voice for unknown reason.
I am still croaky today.

After the get together with the press, we continued talking (or rather I listened more than talking) with another press about many things. We started discussing about another colleague of mine who is having problem accepting that her relationship is over.

Although we have different views on how to handle that colleague of ours, at the end of the day we all agree that matters of the heart are complex. We also agreed that women need to respect and give credit to themselves more. Sure it hurts like hell the first few weeks but it will surely heal. Instead of calling/sms-ing him continuously when he doesn’t bother to reply any of them, I say go pamper yourself. Dress up and go out with friends. Go shopping. Go get a new haircut. No one should make you feel crappy about yourself.

We are independent, educated and successful women. We don’t need a guy to make us feel good about ourselves.

Sadly, there are still many women who think marriage is the only way to measure your accomplishment. They are so caught up in trying to find themselves a husband, they forget the other important things.

Fyi, I don’t have anything against marriage. It’s a good thing. But love yourself first before you go and chase that fairytale romance you always dream about.

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