Sunday, September 30, 2007

the past week...

I envy those people who could twist other people’s words so they could get what they want. Now, I know it’s not a good thing, but if I can do the same, my life would surely be less complicated.

How can someone so beautiful and survived what she has gone through be so mean and rude? And why do I have to cross path with them so often?

I said “Shouldn’t be a problem but let me check with the management first.” Which part of that sentence that says, “Yes, it’s confirmed so please book your air ticket now”? *rolls eyes*

Last night, after I tucked my son to bed, I heard him breathing heavily. I thought he was having problem breathing. I went to check and I saw him looking at me sadly while trying his best to hold his tears. I asked him what’s wrong and he started sobbing and said “Mommy, sayang (love) me.” It breaks my heart to see my son asking me to love him like that.

I was busy and my mind/attention is elsewhere the past few weeks. I didn’t realize he feels neglected because he is always happy/laughing/mischievous/active so I assumed he is you know, happy. When I am at home, I will normally let him do whatever he wants to do while I’ll do my own thing. Sometimes I forget my life doesn’t revolve around me only anymore. *head hangs in shame*

This morning, he is the same old him. Loud and playful. Every morning we will have this ritual where my son will want to follow me to work, my dad or mom will do the chasing around bit, my son will then change his tactic by wanting to give me a goodbye kiss/hug me and when I give him one, he will not let go. Then one of the parents will have to tug him away and lastly when I finally get into the car, he will wave at me, give me a flying kiss and close the door.

I think this is some sort of a game to him.

In my previous entry, I mentioned about a colleague of mine who was devastated with her break-up with the BF. She went to the extreme by wanting to end her life because she couldn’t take the pain. She has a daughter but she thinks it’s okay to leave her daughter behind because the child’s father (btw, they’re divorced) would take care of her. I am shocked. I don’t know what other people think, but I find it’s stupid. Apparently she did took the pills in front of my other colleagues and now in the hospital still being very stupid.

So sad oh kan how some people are just selfish.
But I must not criticize other people. Who knows what I’ll do during my moment of weakness kan?

The funny thing is when my colleague tried to calm her by using me as an example “It’s not easy for her too. She’s a single mother like you but she enjoys her single life”. Her respond was “I’m not strong like her”. If she only knew what I feel/think sometime. Maybe I should get her to read my blog. *sticks tongue out*

But I must say this to all men.
If you’ve already dumped the girl, NEVER sleep with her again be it for good times sake kah, one for the road kah, or whatever idiotic reasons you can come up with. It’s NOT NICE. And if you did, NEVER tell people that you slept with her because she wanted it. Seriously? Have you no brain? *tsk tsk tsk*

When I got home yesterday, my son pretended he was a dog. He was on his knees, barking and pretended his hands were paws and used it to rub his face. You know, like a dog. He also rubbed his face on my legs. Hee. Sometimes I don’t know what is going on in that little head of his.

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