Friday, December 21, 2007

on the fourth day before Christmas...

I think I ate too much prawns.
I didn’t know that would be possible.

It is four more days before Christmas. *woohoo*
Maybe it’s just me but it feels less Christmas-sy this year. *sighs*
I must say the Christmas décor this year is so much better compared to the last two years.
Maybe the Office Drama killed Christmas Spirit and that is why everyone is feeling so shitty.

I bought three new blouses for Christmas after years wearing what I have in the closet. *claps hands*
Yes, yes. I am making up for all those years.
But all three blouses are in black and white. I didn’t realize it until I packed my bags to go back to KK.
As for Ekiel, he’ll be wearing his new stone washed jeans and a pink shirt. Hee.
I did thought of getting a matching outfit for me and Ekiel but then, I decided not too because everyone is a critic.

*let it snow, let it snow, let it snow*
When will I finally have my white Christmas?

Our last year’s Italian Christmas was good though.
For this Christmas, we’re having English Christmas, minus the turkey.
Let’s hope my siblings know what they’re doing because I don’t.
I wish I could have one of those Hallmark Christmas dinners.
Like Carolchs.

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carolchs said...

hehe u know still not sure if this dinner will be a go-on thing. we havent do grocery shopping for that also....and yeah, we dont have turkey....urmm...some how most of us in the family dont like the turkey taste no turkey is fine with us :)

hope ur English Dinner will be a great one too Lala :)