Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wedding bells

I have a new, pitiful distraction in life. *head hangs in shame*
I Angelicbug, am addicted to anything weddings. Well, mostly wedding photos and videos on youtube of the ceremony, the celebration, the makeup, the details of the decors, details on the dresses, wedding themes, locations, colors, etc etc.

NO, I am not getting hitched.

Anyway, this sickness started few weeks back. One photo led to another and *bam* I’m hooked. *sighs*

I would “oohh” and “aahhh” every picture I see. I would unconsciously trail the details of the beautiful gown as if I could feel the soft beautiful material under my fingers. I smiled when I see the bride and groom so beautiful and happy. I laughed when I see the little ring bearer’s making faces during the ceremony. I cried when I see the father daughter dance video. I make mental notes on the things I like and the things I don’t like.

I could go on and on about this.

Have I lost my mind?
Macam kan?

I got so many wedding ideas with no wedding to plan.
Bila larr adik-adik ku mau kahwin ni?
At least I could try to convince them to have their dream wedding my way.
*evil laugh*


msLabadin said...

ur post reminds me of '27 dresses'... :-) she also obses kan with weddings!!!

angelicbug said...

come to think of it,mcm kan?
if only the story would end the same. LOL.

carolchs said...

dont worry..we are in the same boat.
i still buy wdg magz every month just bcos i wanna see all the 'in' decor, gowns, etc.
even when my kid bro just told us that he has met a girl, i went straight thinking about how i would help plan for their wdg on the groom side. ha!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hahaha...i can't wait for my bro in law to get married too.

angelicbug said...

carol: LOL. me too. i made the mistake of "sharing" the idea with one of them and my sister looked at me and said, "who made you the wedding planner?" make me shy only.

Willie: i can't wait to read it in your blog. :)