Tuesday, October 06, 2009

cockroach's ear

I am so bloated I am pretty sure I could float on water.

Do cockroaches have ears?
Apparently they “listen” from the vibrations they fell from place to place.
Is that the functions of their
antennae? Or whatever you call it?

Ekiel has this phobia of cockroaches, well anything insect really, which was instilled by my mom. She said it’s the most effective way to avoid Ekiel putting those bugs in his mouth. Unfortunately, it had gone a little too far.

Anyway, the other day, Ekiel made a big drama in the washroom which he refused to go in alone. He insisted he saw the cockroach’s ear and wants me to accompany him while he’s making his “business”.

Ekiel: Mommy!!! Got cockroach’s ear in toilet bah mommy *cry cry cry*
Me: Don’t make stories bah Ekiel. Where got cockroach’s ear
Ekiel: Got bah, mommy please, don’t leave me
Me: Ish, how does the ear looked like?
Ekiel: Like this (while pulling his ear)
Me: Where got? How come I cannot see?
Ekiel: Only good boy can see.
Me: *grrr*

My mom thinks it’s cute. *rolls eyes*
I thought this would be a one time drama.

Unfortunately, he repeated the same drama the next day and I was really pissed by then. He tried the trick on me again but I would not budge so he used that trick on my mom which my mom got really angry because he came to her crying like a crazy boy.

It’s easier to laugh when someone else have to handle the situation huh?

She was not making the situation any better so I told my mom to leave Ekiel to me. After handling the “situation” not so greatly, I kept my mouth shut and ignored everyone. Ekiel sensing the whole tension is caused by him tried to make amends by asking what’s wrong with me with his big round eyes and making his comel face.

I went to bed around 9pm and Ekiel tagged along quietly. I placed his PJs on the bed and pretended to sleep. He quietly changed and lay on bed staring at me. I already melted when I see him changed into his PJs by himself so I stopped the acting and talked to him nicely about his behaviour that night and it is unacceptable to go running to my mom when he knows I would not entertain him.

I am not sure if he understands what I tell him, but we pinky promised that he will not do it again.

I wish I could be a better example to Ekiel but, it has been very difficult to do so. I cannot help but to wonder and worry if my so-called parenting is good for him especially with the interference of other people. Ekiel always think there is someone to bail him every time I start scolding.


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