Saturday, October 10, 2009

my saturday morning

Today, I am introducing the world of blogging to Ekiel. Obviously he doesn’t know how to type, or spell, I will on his behalf, type what he has to say.

Me: Bah, start.
Ekiel: What’s wrong? I’m eating this (while showing the fruit cake)
You know why I eating this? Because I’m hungry. It is a food not a rock. A food. *spells S.k.y.s.l* is food. And why are you killing me? Why are you watching me? Do you mind? Do you mind? Then you do one more time. Do you mind? What are you talking about? And why are you killing me one more time?

And he left to makan Maggi with my sister.
He didn’t like me staring him and typing everything that comes out from his mouth.

He wet his bed, so he quietly snuck out of the room. After my mom changed him, he went back in and woke me up by declaring it’s time to play games. He denied wetting the bed, but when he saw the evidence, the wet bed, he said he forgot to pee and quickly left the room.

During breakfast he taught me how to Sumazau. He looked more like a lost bird. He was so upset when I laughed at him and refused to take a photo. When I tried to teach him, the appropriate move, he said I don’t know what I am talking about. This is the way Teacher Ros taught them, so this is the way to do it. *sighs*

Then he showed me the “wriggly worm” dance which was so funny. Again he refused a photo.

Then he played the games in my hp, which he is very very good at.

He sang very off key The Lion Sleeps Tonight which is so funny but annoying after five minutes.

His collections of hot wheels are all over the floor, because they are going jalan-jalan.

Now he is arguing with my dad because it is cartoon time. How he knows it’s time for Spongebob is beyond me.

It’s only 11.30am, and already he is giving me a headache.

As I am typing this, I can hear the cartoon. He won the “remote control” battle.

And this people, is how I spend my Saturday mornings at home.

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Cherish Tulips said...

That's very cute of Ekiel...he so adorable!!