Saturday, October 03, 2009


"I think I'd rather get run over by a train."

There you go people.

It’s official.

Madonna has spoken.

Getting run over by a train is better than marriage.

I had a very interesting conversation with some friends about common sense the other day. You know, the dying, almost extinct trait of mankind?

I was at a hypermarket to buy some groceries the other day. Please note that at the side of the entrance were the trolleys, plenty of them. So we were somewhere near the entrance when I saw woman A, took a trolley and took out the items that was in it. I didn’t realize what she was doing, when woman B came and told woman A off.

Woman A apologised and instead of going out to get the trolley, she went and grabbed another trolley, when woman C who happened to be her friend came and claimed the trolley. The woman A’s hubby told his wife to go get a trolley outside when woman C let woman A take her trolley.

Woman A must have caught me staring because she gave me the “what are you looking at” look.

She is so silly.

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