Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go Tiger!

I am not exactly a football fan, but I do watch occasional football and by that it means watching it when my brother is watching it at home. But when I do watch football, I get a little too excited and make comments like I know the game well.

It’s the adrenalin rush I tell you.

So last night, with almost everyone talking about the finals between Malaysia and Indonesia football match, I have to watch it and support our national team no?

Coincidently I was wearing a yellow shirt and Ekiel was in red. The gambler inside of me made a wager with Ekiel and he jumps right in.

He decided that if Malaysia wins, he will replace me at work today. How adorable is that? If Indonesia wins, I have to take him to the game arcade and let him play his heart out.

Of course, I opt for massage for 1 hour instead because that boy can’t read so coming to do my work would be really useless.

When the Garuda scored their first goal, Ekiel turned into this REALLY annoying monster.

He boo-ed me when the Harimau scored.

The whole game was a little off I feel. There were a lot of knocking each other, a lot of drama with the *ahem* fake injury and it wasn’t the most graceful game ever. I cannot remember chuckling so much during a football match.

My dislike for surprises only made this game more nerve wrecking especially the penalty bit.

So when the ball slowly rolled into the net, I was happy. Because we won. Well, because I won. The bet. In the midst of the cheering, Ekiel came to me and gave me a high five.

After the game, I told Ekiel that he better get ready as I would like to claim my prize.

Me: Habislarr you Ekiel, you have to give me massage
Ekiel: But mommy, we are one team already kan?
Me: Eh hello, you support Indonesian team right? They lost right?
Ekiel: But I am in your team already kan?
Me: Since when?
Ekiel: Kan we high five just now!

I do not know whether I should be proud of him or otherwise.

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carolchs said...

Smart boy! Betul2 laju oh his mind working.