Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am so tired. How does the other working mother do this? (and I don’t have to worry about house chores/cooking! *tsk tsk tsk*)

Ekiel is getting better. He lost a lot of weight but he is gaining it back. He still won’t eat but now he demands for his bottle every two hours. Take your sweet time to prepare it and he’ll throw a tantrum. *sigh* Well, IT IS a sign that he is recovering so I will just take it gratefully.

Work, well it is work. I still feel out of place and no idea what I am doing or supposed to do. Maybe I am imagining it, but I swear people are talking about me and I am too snotty to even care. “Stick and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” – Ha. We all know that is not true.

I am just not excited about work. Maybe it’s the long break. Maybe it’s the incredibly BORING task that I am forced to do. Maybe it’s the office environment. Maybe I am just plain lazy. *yawn* The corporate ladder doesn’t look so appealing at the moment but I’m sure I will have to climb it eventually. I ain’t gonna conquer no mountain. I just wanna survive this game of life.

I may change my mind in the future.

I read in the local papers how women can actually rely on their instincts when it comes to trusting men. Or something like that.

See I am not choosy/demanding. I am just avoiding disastrous mistakes. I just need to tell myself, err i meant everyone that. Hee.

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be.
I used to think motherhood was easy.

Sunday was mother’s day and all I got from my baby was him vomiting on me the whole day.
What a joy.

Oohh... & Happy Teacher's Day to all my friends who are in the teaching business (?). You know what I mean...


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