Saturday, May 27, 2006

treat me like s*** will you?

An idiot would always be an idiot.

Remember the woman at the Maybank counter? I went back last Wednesday as per my appointment, and she still pisses me off.
Though I was the second customer queuing up at the front counter, she told me to wait while she distribute the “formal” queuing number and also directing everyone to wherever they’re suppose to go.

Finally she finished doing what she was doing and she then ask me (again!) whether I have an appointment. No, I am just standing here right next to your counter because I love you so much. HA. I told her yes I do at 9.15am today. She then asked me again if I have an appointment. I told her yes I do at 9.15am. Then she ask me if it’s today (Wednesday). I told her yes today. She then looked at me, and asked me AGAIN if it’s today. I wanted to throttle her so badly.

First of all, the date and time of the appointment was written in the form she was holding and reading through. Secondly, she was just irritating and rude. I was so frustrated; I raised my voice and told her YES IT IS TODAY UNLESS TODAY IS NOT WEDNESDAY! She then directed me to a counter where the counter guy was so much nicer and friendlier.

That woman should do filing jobs where she doesn’t need to interact with another human being. Btw, I wasn’t the only one who was upset with her kay. Some guy even demanded to see the manager. I should have done the same, but I didn't want to inconvenience anybody. :P

Then later, a manager in the office was pissing me off too. He wanted some things from the store room and I had to take it for him. I usually use the back door which was next to the ladies because it was so much nearer to the store room. I have to walk around the office if i were to go through the main door. He saw me going to the back and he asked me why am I going to the ladies when I should be going to the store room instead. He had this look on his face as if I was stoopid or something. I told him I’m using the back door. He said fine, do what you think you're doing and he ROLLED HIS EYES. Wtf? Eh hello, he obviously didn’t know where to store room is and I am gonna SO NOT going to walk the long way to get the books for him.

When I should obviously throw the books at him, I told him to let me know if he needs anything else instead. *Arggghh* My attempt to “kiss his arse” was taking too much energy. I cannot do all this sucking up thingy.

My headaches are back. It wasn’t as bad as before but I do still feel very awful.

On 23 May 2006, a good friend of mine, Tara gave birth to a lovely baby girl - Kendra Faith Morris. Nice name kan? She is the fairest baby I have ever seen with dimples some more. So precious! It is Tara’s first child and watching her that day reminded me what I was feeling and experiencing exactly a year ago. It was just beautiful.

I wish I will get to experience it again. The proper way, of course. Once bitten, twice die larr.

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