Friday, May 12, 2006

It's only Thursday

It has been A LONG WEEK and it is only Thursday. *grin* It feels long.

I finally got a job. YAYY!!! The pay sucks but I’ve withdraw my last RM in the bank. Beggars cannot be choosers. *flashbacks* Hmmm… From advertising to hotel line. I’ve gone from one hell hole to another but I think *keeping my fingers crossed* it will not be THAT bad. I just have to make sure I don’t let people push me around like the last time. It’s going to be tough because everyone here is terribly good at doing that. Ha.

The past four days, I’ve been doing a lot of physical work. Nothing major like mixing cement, but more like sorting out newspaper clippings, updating the hardcopy inventories, packing press kits, carrying/delivering stuffs all over the place in my killing-me-slowly heels, faxing and photocopying. Nothing that my five years working experience hadn’t prepared me. Boring but it is work.

The lady whom I took over the position from is a sweet woman AND a potential pain in the arse. Even when I told her I knew how to operate the fax/photocopying machine, she keeps explaining it to me like I am an eight year old. After a while it becomes really really annoying - “Now you show me how I do it”. *banging my head against the fax machine*

One time when they were talking about advertisements and newspaper, I kinda interrupt by offering my opinion. I swear she just shuts down. I am not sure if she didn’t hear me, or she thinks I'm talking crazy. I take it as being RUDE. I know I am the new staff but hey I know what I am talking about. Oh well, if the ad goes wrong again (I secretly wish it would – I am evil aren’t I?) she is the one responsible. And I couldn’t believe she turned down a free replacement advertisement because it was too much work!!! What is wrong with all these people??? She thinks free advertisement just fall from the sky ka?

*sigh* It’s still too early to be complaining this much yet I have so SO much more to complain. If before I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to accept the offer, now I am convinced it will not be easy. How do I fit in without attracting too much attention/causing a stir? I just hope I have enough patience to learn what I need to know so I wouldn’t need to depend on these people. Btw, I overheard them saying I look weird – not Chinese nor Kadazan. *LOL* Does it matter?

My baby didn’t appreciate being left behind but he enjoys the car ride more (when my dad sends me to work). When they come to pick me in the evening, he’ll give me this “Who are you?” look before giving me his sweetest smile and comes to me to “manja” when he realize it’s me. I do miss him, but I do enjoy working and even the pathetic pay.

He is now so sick; he is like a helpless pup. He whimpers in his croaky voice and wants attention all the time. The doctor suspects he has asthma but he didn’t confirm nor deny it and my mom forgot to ask. My poor baby. It breaks my heart to see him like that especially when he has to fight for his breath. He no longer has fever, but his cough and short breaths are still there.

It’s hard. Mannn... I have to work this Saturday. Dang.

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