Sunday, May 28, 2006

the moral of the story is.

I begin to think the root to most problems is miscommunication.
And when miscommunication happens, no one bothers to clear up the confusion.
*rolling eyes*
There could be thousands of excuses for the "don't care" attitude.
Envy, resentfulness, laziness, retaliation, just for the sake of it...
I couldn't think of the thousand excuses NOW, but I am sure there is that many.

By now everyone knows how I feel about Common Sense.
If these people would just practice some common sense in their life,
I am very VERY sure the world would be a happier place.
Even if we hate/dislike/unhappy with our job,
we still need to take the initiative to at least be somewhat efficient.
Work is work. Personal feelings SHOULD be put aside.
(Easier said than done - I KNOW)
I also know how frustrating it is to work with overbearing higher-ups.
Been there. Done that. Back in that dump again.

We could be great, but these people choose to be "as long the job is done".
That is not even average.

Marriage that just focuses on sexual needs (Borneo Post - 27 May 2006, Front Page) Kuala Lumpur: A university professor has suggested that men in Malaysia practice Misyar marriage to overcome the rising number of unmarried divorcees and women.

Utusan Malaysia, reporting on its front page, quoted Universiti Malaya's Islamic Academic Studies lecturer Prof Datuk Dr Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid as saying that this type of wedding could also reduce the incidence of vice among Muslim women.

He said the difference between Misyar and a polygamous marriage was that the husband did not have to provide money or clothing for his other wife but only be there to provide for her sexual needs.

Dr Mahmud Zuhdi said this wedding is popular in the Middle East involving rich women who had difficulty looking for a life partner.

He added that even renowned Islamic ulama Dr Yusuf al-Qardawi in his edict said Misyar is legal as it could solve the problems of unmarried women or divorcees.

The practice is allowed and deemed to be necessary by several ulamas in some countries in the Middle East.

The Misyar marriage came into the picture after several groups urged the Fatwa Council to study if it could be implemented in Malaysia, according to him.

He said such a marriage should be practiced in this country, as there is a rising number of unmarried women or divorcees.

Maybe I misunderstood the "good intention" of these people.
Are we (women) really that weak/pathetic?
Is the single or divorced status amongst women is a bad label?
What sort of vice are they saying happening among the Muslim women?
(if it is what I assume it is, why blame the women only? It takes two to tango and do many other things).
Isn't it just legalized sex?
Wouldn't it increase the numbers of divorce rates?

Let's be honest, once you're bored with the sex,
what else do you have to keep the relationship going?
Chances are, you will begin to look for a "new" partner because we are all human and because the law says we can scratch our "itch" in a legal way. HA.

No matter how noble the intention is, someone will definitely take advantage of the circumstances.
I am afraid, instead of being a solution, this proposal will be a cause for another social problem in our society.

If other country practices it, it doesn't mean we should too. Isn't this what we preach about the western influences and all? :P

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