Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Umbrella, The Heels and The Show-Offs

Yesterday was the day a good friend of mine got hitch. :D
*clap clap clap* Congratulations to both you and you hubby.
May you live happily ever after.

Imelda, you looked absolutely gorgeous.
You so deserve all the happiness in the world.
And I know you are happy, you were glowing so beautifully last night.
*hugs & kisses*

To her hubby, don’t you dare go breaking her heart.
If you do, then you better hope to never see me again.
*looking brutal* Hee.

The night was memorable.
There was that incident with the malfunctioned umbrella.
Pouring heavily, umbrella opened the other way, friend trying to hide (her body in the car, umbrella sticking out) from everyone while holding on to the malfunctioned umbrella.

Then we have the high heel incident.
I am not gonna mentioned who (she would kill me if I do) but somebody’s heel gave up on her while she was walking on the red carpet.
Hehehe. It was pretty funny.
She called out to me discreetly.
Then she asked, “Can you please pick up my shoe for me?”
I was a little blur when she looked down, and I looked down.
There it was the highest pair of heels I’ve seen. Well, what was left of it anyway. (see pic)
Thank goodness for the extra pair of heels.
Imagine going around bare footed when you already all dressed/dolled up.

I wanted to keep the umbrellas we were carrying together with the other umbrellas at the corner of the lobby. Me, being SO smart, wanted to put it against the wall because I was afraid someone might take it. Hee. Before I know it, the whole stack of umbrellas was on the floor. Tried to restack it again but it was a crazy night and the stack was just impossible to redo. We left the umbrellas scattered on the floor. *whistles*

Food was served. Speeches were made. Toasts were toasted. Pictures were taken.
Then we say goodnight.

It was a simple event but it was a happy one.
I met some friends from high school whom I haven’t met since that last day of school.
(10 years ago?)
People changed.
I know that.
But, I was still surprised to see the changes.
How success, marriage – being married puts you above the rest meh?, and your new circle of friends can change you.

I am glad some of us have not changed that much.
Maybe we don’t look so young and innocent anymore.
But in the inside we are still that same girl who loves life and able to laugh about everything and even at ourselves.

I miss that the most.
(see pic in photo album - Imelda's Wedding)

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