Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am no Simon Cowell

Demam AF?

I blame my family for the addiction.
My life was peaceful before they force AF3 into my life.
Though I find AF4 pretty boring, I still need to know what are they up to and what songs are they singing for that week.
*tsk tsk tsk*
My greatest weakness is my need to know how the story ends.

Let me do my version of AF4 review on the students.

Lotter. He is a good performer but his vocal still needs A LOT of training. His strength lies in his passion to learn and his sincerity to perform. His simple and playful nature gives him the likeable factor that some students are lacking. He will have a future in the acting business. I just hope they will not exploit him as another slapstick comedian.

Diddy. He has that big vocal that I like in men. Like every other student he could sing but he doesn’t have anything unique that set him apart from the other student. He has the look and the height but he doesn’t use it to his advantage. In fact, his slouch-ness only makes his performances look awkward.

Faizal. I never realized how good his vocal is until the first concert. I say he has the best vocal among all the male students. Didn’t notice earlier because I didn’t like his insecure and “trying to be cute” character. I personally feel he lacks emotion in his singing that makes his performance a bit boring. He needs to be more relaxed and confident His dancing kinda reminded me of Spongebob Square Pants. You know the stiff body with the flailing arms and legs. Hee.

Haziq. His sensitivity is driving me crazy. If you listen carefully, he has a pretty good vocal but his character overshadows it. He doesn’t seem to mix well with the other students. He cries too much. He needs to be more versatile in his genre of music. He must stop “meng-asli-kan” everything. After the first two show off, it becomes annoying.

Amirul. He has the soft and gentle kind of voice only suitable for certain kind of songs. But that is no excuse for the poor performances. His pretty boy look is his advantage but he needs to learn to control his emotions. There’s a fine line between “manja” and a crybaby. I think he would do better if he were a part of a boy band. Here’s an idea. Why don’t Amirul and Daniel of MI2 get together and form a new boy band? Maybe they can do another reality show to find the rest of the boy band members. *grinning*

Rich. He needs to be more enthusiastic and passionate about the competition. I like it when Rich has to hit the high notes in his singing. Otherwise, his vocal is only average. For someone who already has two albums out (though he was in a band), his performance and showmanship SHOULD be better compared to the other students. Unfortunately he doesn’t take advantage of his experience.

Farhan. I love her big vocal. I also like it when she adds her own style to the song, you know those “power punches” in her singing. She still lacks emotions in her singing. Is she controlling herself or is that the real her? During her performances, I wonder if she is actually enjoying herself. I think it’s nice of her to play the big sister role, but everything about her screams “boring”. She needs to loosen up a little.

Salima. The attention is on her for the obvious reason. She is too confident of herself considering her vocal is only average. Sometimes her outspoken behavior is almost rude. She is a Drama Queen using her tears to get attention. I mean if you are upset about anything, you would normally do it in your own time and space, and not in front of the whole world kan? I believe everyone could be great if given the chance but do we really want someone with an attitude problem?

Zila. Her high pitch vocal is her gift. I like her sweet personality and her smiles. Her insecurity and lack of enthusiasm are her weaknesses. Zila is another student who holds back in her performance. She needs to learn to control her nervousness because it is shown through her eyes.

Velvet. She has one of the best vocals this season. A happy go lucky character and she didn’t let those uncalled for comments on her weight get to her. Though her singing was brilliant I still feel she needs to be more expressive through her eyes and gestures to make her performance more powerful.

Karen. She definitely stood out among the crowd. I think she is brave for trying to compete in a malay/bumiputra-dominated competition. She has a good vocal and with a lot of training and guidance she will definitely take her place in the music industry.

Nora. To me, Nora is forgettable. I only remember her as the emotional and camera-crazy chick. Her vocal is average and her performance was boring. She also has insecurity problems and she didn’t look like she belongs in AF4.

There you go. I try to be subjective, as I understand the fact that different people have different opinion. I think Faizal, Farhan, Velvet and maybe Diddy deserves to be in the finals. Unfortunately, we all know the voting pattern and it would not be a surprised if only one out of the four is in the finals.

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