Thursday, June 22, 2006

third placing cannot be a good thing

“Reader’s Digest survey rates Kuala Lumpur as the third-worst city in courteousness. This should not be generalized to all Malaysians as it was only meant to examine the urban dwellers.”

Oh my. Sadly, this is the truth. If you don’t believe me, go and check it out yourself.

Take the public transport before and after work.
People cutting queues.
- These people are thick-skins. Before you could tell them off, they will daringly look at you to challenge their action. Some would turn a deaf ear to your comment and some would even shamelessly argue back. I can only shake my head and give them my deadly look because I do not want to make a scene.

No one give up their seat for the elderly or pregnant women.
- This is a true story. I was about 6-7 months pregnant and I had to take the bus home. It was overcrowded and the traffic was heavy. I had to stand up for hours to wait for the bus and in the bus as well. I was tired, sleepy and I was dozing off while standing up. A nice gentleman was about to offer me his seat when his friend told him it was a stupid thing to do. It’s my own problem I had to stand up not theirs. I really had to control myself before I lost my mind and start hitting them with my handbag. I also prayed the guy would fall down when he gets off the bus later. HA.

In a crowded train/bus, no one cares about you.
- Try to get out from an overcrowded train or bus. The incoming passengers are like a bunch of elephants charging in and the passengers inside are like bunch of hippos not wanting to move to make your exit easy. You try not to make so much body contact because well, you know so you have to squeeze yourself from every little space you could find. You have to be quick too because you don’t want to miss your stop. Not an easy task. I normally use the “touching the shoulder + excuse me” bit. If that doesn’t work this will “Eh hello? Can you make way ah? Omigosh. Didn’t learn moral in school ka?” I only use it when I am really really stressed out and tired. Hee.

On The Road
There’s no need to explain myself here. I saw/heard/experience many things that contributed to my phobia (I am afraid of driving. Even sitting in a fast driven car scares me to death). No matter how careful you are; there are other drivers who don’t give a shit about you. I have seen a car (two men) gave chase to another car (3 women) just because the women overtook them. At the junction when the women had to stop, those men stepped out from their car and started screaming and pounding the women’s car. They even tried to open the doors. The women driver just sped off nearly causing an accident with another car.

Customer Service
I don’t know why but this always happens to me. The you-don’t-look-like-you-could-afford-anything-here attitude really piss me off. Big time. Eh sales person only wants to act so big ka? *rolling eyes* This mentality has to change. Consumer/customer/clients now have so many options. Treat me like shit and I am out of that place so fast you wouldn’t even see my shadow – sounds so much better in my head.

Sometimes customers/clients are a pain in the arse too. “I am the customer so do what I say!” and when what they say screws up everything they will blame it on you. “I pay you to tell me what needs to be done!” No wonder everyone is singing “Bad Day”.

I could go on and on and on about this.

It is a pity. Courteousness should be a part of our identity and culture.
Sadly it is a dying value.
Even kids these days are… well just say they could use some spanking like what I went through. Now I wouldn't even know how to be rude.*wink*

Hopefully with this survey we would take the initiative to change for the better.

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