Sunday, June 04, 2006

it's my money and I'll vote if I want too

Everyone is a critique.

Almost all local blogs talks about AF4.PERSONALLY, I think some of the critiques are justified.
But some are just insulting not only to the contestants BUT to their supporters as well.
Unfortunately this is a free country, and some people do voice out their opinion without using their head.

Though I very much try not to get involve, but hey, I am a critique too. :P

First of all, I think it is sad out of the 7,000 (or so they say) hopefuls, the twenty contestants they picked for the Prelude Concert only has so-so vocals. If these are the best of out of the whole audition, I can only imagine what the rest sound like. (I don’t watch the audition process).

Out of the twenty, there are four contestants whom I think with the right training has the potential to become a good recording artiste. Out of the four, only three were chosen for the top twelve.

Many were unhappy with the result. Unhappiness leads to criticism and accusation. I was taken aback when some bloggers/chatters commented about the four Sabahan students in the top twelve. While I do agree that Astro is taking advantage of Sabahan who loyally vote for the Sabahan students, I am unhappy when they’re making fun of us.

Many accuse Sabahan as kenegerian, but we all know Sabahan are not the only one who is devoted to the people from their own state. Why put the blame on us only? Are they intimidated by our support through the sms vote? Though I don't vote but my family does.

There are not many Sabahan artists in Malaysia’s music industry. Is it wrong to support a fellow Sabahan in making their dream come true? It’s not like we’re supporting someone who has no talent at all. They’re talented and are eager to learn. I admit other students are talented as well, but we understand the Sabahan students better because we talk the same slang and we come from the same background.

Like Mawi, I do understand the craze but many Sabahan do not understand nor enjoy the kind of music Mawi sings beautifully. See the problem? Cultural differences. Some people made fun of Marsha when she sang the “Jambatan Tamparuli”, but to us it was awesome because she was singing “our” song.

You make fun of our slang, but you want to talk like us. Some say we Sabahan still live in the cave and we have no other form of entertainment besides AF. Well my dear, we may still live in the cave but we can afford to subscribe to Astro and vote for our favorite students year after year. HA. Who’s laughing now?

I will blog my comments on the contestants next.
Now, I am going to watch the first concert repeat show with my parents.
I want to see what they think.

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