Friday, June 23, 2006

thumbs up

Today is just one of those days.
I woke up in a very good mood because I had a really good night sleep.
Ekiel also woke up cheerfully which is not often.
Took my shower and do my morning ritual.
Water was slightly cold, but it’s okay.

Need to put some make up on.
My BodyShop concealer was blunt, need to sharpen it a little.
If you’ve seen the BodyShop concealer, you know the pencil-like shape was too big even for those big sharpener.
So I took a penknife and sharpen it the old-fashioned way.
Like a good mother, I was keeping an eye on Ekiel while sharpening the thing.
I was making faces at him when I feel something liquid-ish all over my hands.
When I turn to look, my blood was everywhere. I apparently cut myself.

It was a bad cut.
It took me about a minute to figure out what to do.
I put some pressure near the wound then the blood flowed slower.
I opened the door and screamed for my sister to look after my baby.
Rushed down to my mom, told her I need to go to the emergency room.
Explained to my mom what happened and first reaction is “Did you cut your finger off?”
I calmly told her no, but I am bleeding badly.
My blood was dripping on the floor when my mom realized how bad it is.
She wrapped the wound with a napkin, and off I go to the emergency room with my brother.

In the car my brother asked me what have I done this time.
Told him what happened and he roll his eyes on me.
I only had to remind him the numerous times when he had to go the emergency room instead.
I also reminded him how he cried like a baby and how that information may be used against him.

At the emergency room, a guy registered me in.
He asked how I injure myself.
Told him I accidentally cut myself. He asked me “with what?”
He was lucky I wasn’t in so much pain.
Told him a penknife.
He asked for the RM1 registration fee before he send me off to the Semi-Emergency Room.

One of the doctors sent me to a smaller room.
There was a bed there, so I climb up the bed.
Then the nurse told me to sit on a chair instead because I only cut my finger not my leg.
It was kind of embarrassing.

After what felt like forever (I was bleeding for goodness sake!) a male nurse comes in.
He injected anesthetic around the wound (4 shots).
That’s when I feel the pain.
The first two injections were a lot to take.
But being the control freak that I am, I bit my tongue and kept quiet.
When my thumb was numb so it was not too bad until I turned to have a look.
The blood was gushing out again.
He cleaned it with some spirits and started stitching.
When I feel the thread touching my other fingers, I wanted to throw up so bad.
My head suddenly starts to spin, and I feel like I was going to past out.
But the male nurse was busy talking and talking, he didn’t notice I was taking deep breaths to calm myself down.

I had three stitches then I went to see a doctor to check them.
He told me to come back in a week and gave me some painkillers.
I was in and out of the emergency room in less than an hour.
The waiting was long but the stitching bit only took less than 10 minutes.

Why am I such a klutz? *rolling eyes*
I am slowly feeling the pain as the painkiller wears off.
This is going to be a long day.

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