Thursday, June 15, 2006

A LONG day

Today I woke up with my son rubbing his face against me.
For a one-year old, my baby has stinky morning breath.
It was no Hallmark moment.
He was just hungry and he needed me to make his bottle.
Oh well.
He used to pinch me on the face or pull my hair.
I think the constant screaming taught him to be more tactful.
I love those mornings we spend together.
Rolling around the bed.
Making faces.
Laughing out loud.

It rained heavily this morning.
In my world, I would have gone back to bed and forget about everything else.
Reality is never like that.
Had to drag myself to work, only to be greeted by temperamental colleagues and loads of work.
Someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed and out to spoil everybody else’s day.
I got tons of work to do BUT I have no idea what or how or why.
When asked for instructions, everyone has gone deaf.
When I refer to the boss, everyone is not happy.
You complain too much work; I ended up with them.
I complain too much work; I still have to finish them.
Maybe this is just a bad dream.

Today is one of those days.
I am exhausted.
I try and I try.
It is still not enough.
My throat still hurting.
My head still aching.
My heart still bleeding.

I need to go look for that rainbow.
The one that comes out after the rain.

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