Saturday, June 17, 2006

why I think some people need to get a new hobby.

Call me Kat.
Call me Kitty Kat.

The Wedding Crasher.

Feeling a lot better today.
I DO TRY to be more positive in life.
It’s tiring.
So once in a while I let myself sink in my frustration.
Not that I will slit my wrist or anything idiotic.
*rolling eyes*
All I do is complain and complain.
Sometimes all I need is a good cry.
A night out with my girls is therapeutic, but I don’t get to do that anymore.
Now, I only shake my booty with my baby
That boy sure can dance.

Few days ago, some people voiced out their concerns about Malaysia’s unique cultures, the Kongsi Raya and the Open House.
Something about attending another religious ceremony, and how it is contradicting the teaching of a certain religion.
First of all, I have great respect for ALL religion because each religion promotes goodness and kindness.
It’s the people who screw up.

I just don’t understand how some people can come up with this kind of thing.
I don’t know which open houses they went, but the ones that I’ve been to have no religious ceremony going on, only lots and lots of food.
No religion would allow their devotees to attend another religion’s religious ceremony.
If there is such a thing happening, I am very sure the whole Open House concept will never be adopted by any of us anyway.
Not everyone is ignorant, you know.

Kongsi Raya only means you celebrate two different festivals at the same time.
I really do not see what the big deal.
Isn’t this “Kongsi Raya” an advertising/marketing gimmick by companies to save their advertising/marketing cost during the festival season? Why make two advertisements when you can combine them?
I seriously cannot see the problem.

I applaud the PM’s stand on this matter.
Malaysia would lose one of its biggest trademarks if they decided to scrap the Kongsi Raya and Open House culture.
We host/go open houses to show our gratitude and love to our family, neighbor and friends.
Like PM say, it’s a social gathering.
To meet and catch up.
Our life are taken over by work and technology; most of the time we only call/sms/chat/email to say hie and all.
We hardly spend time together as a community anymore.
Few times a year, we gather to celebrate our uniqueness.
We respect each other’s beliefs and we wish each other well.
Other country applauds us for our unity and understanding, and here we have certain people who blindly make statements without really understanding what is happening.

Well, I say if they think is wrong then tell them to lock themselves at home whenever someone is having an open house.
No one force them to go anyway.

I wonder what else will these people come up with the next time.

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