Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend trip

I was at Labuan over the weekend to celebrate The Cherry Third Quarter Kinky Queen's birthday with ChattyPanda and her man.

Btw, Happy Birthday Woman!!!

We took the earliest boat out at 8am from Jesselton Point. Why didn’t we go to Menumbok instead? I have no idea. I was told it’s easier and the three-hour boat ride is not that bad all other than the fact that my back is killing me now.

We went there without room reservation because we are adventurous like that. BUT we didn’t realize that the next day was the registration day for matriculation student and all the budget hotels were full. We had to walk from one hotel to another with our bags under the hot sun. I swear I lost 2 kg of sweats that day. We finally got a room after walking to the other side of the town. I was told it was a little expensive (RM105 for a deluxe room) but I was just so happy we didn’t have to sleep by the road side I did my happy dance in my head.

The room was small but comfortable and most importantly it is CLEAN.

After lunch and going in and out of the free-duty shop because we have nothing better to do, we ended up drinking beer in a Chinese coffee shop because it was so freaking hot and because we were on a holiday. If you asked me on Friday if I would ever imagine myself doing so in the middle of the afternoon, I’d give you a dirty look. Somehow the whole experience wasn’t that bad at all.

For some weird reason, people were staring at us like we’re the newly found species in a zoo. Not a good thing. AND the world is becoming smaller and smaller too. I crossed the sea for three hours and I still see familiar faces. Why? *rolls eyes*

I also noticed there are more men but still I cannot cuci mata. The only thing I didn’t get to strike out in my to-do list.

We found a seafood place for dinner that didn’t serve crabs. Wth? It was so disappointing man. The food was just so-so. The only thing I liked was the prawn cooked with salted egg yolk and other ingredients I do not know.

Then we walked to the opposite end of the town for some entertainment. We started with karaoke, which was fun. Since no one knows me, I did not hesitate to embarrass myself. Besides we sure could use some rain.

Reminder to self, no more singing American Pie. I forgot how long the song is.

We then stopped by at this pub. The live band was pretty good and the bassist was kinda cute but the crowd was a big NO NO. Most of the patrons are male and most of the females there that night was *ahem* “working”. Yet, it didn’t stop me from entertaining myself. In my own 3”x3” space.

We were then invited to another karaoke joint that reminded me the inside of a spaceship. *grins* Not that I have been into one, but I imagine it would be something like that. Since there were requests for duets, I obliged and butchered the song nicely. *claps hand* Still it didn’t rain.

The next morning was “shopping” time. Option sometime is not a good thing because I would not know what to get. I ended up buying not many things and 3 bars of chocolates only. I thought I’d get more at the other shops and obviously that didn’t happen.

One thing I noticed on the boat, people would start queuing by the door even before we reach the jetty. *shakes head in disbelief* It was a good 15 minutes before we get to get off from the boat. If only these people would use their patience for something else. Same thing happens in the airplane too. *tsk tsk tsk*

So, the overall trip was good and I am already looking forward for the next trip. *winks*


eSKay said...

wahhh.. so nice.. i wish i can get away too.. as far as possible... either its one of them bad days.. or im suffering from BAD PMS..

angelicbug said...

it's just one of those days tu.
bah, next time u come back kk, we go Labuan, where every hour is happy hour.