Tuesday, September 04, 2007

last weekend...

To mark the country’s 50th year of independence, development and achievements, my neighborhood had electricity failure for an hour or so. *rolls eyes*

On Merdeka Eve, I went out with some friends from work. It has been A WHILE since my last drinking session so I kinda felt out of place. After the second beer, I relaxed a bit and decided not to let my crazy thinking ruin my night.

The whole night was okay and everyone had fun.

My chauffeur was a little dizzy so we ended up talking with her friend and her friend’s friends outside the pub after closing hour. It’s funny because I do not know this people BUT within minutes they tell me things a stranger shouldn't know. I’m sure half of it is the liquor talking, but I believe there is always some truth in what they say. May it be sadness, fear, anger, confusion, or even dissatisfaction.

I enjoy listening to them though. Hee.

I attended a function Saturday night. The food was great, the entertainment was okay but the crowd was a little b.o.r.i.n.g. These people needed alcohol to get them going. *rolls eyes* Seriously, if you need something to lift you spirits every day, then there is something terribly wrong with you. Liquor is something for you to enjoy not kill yourself with it.

You know, the event was a Black Tie affair. I was worried I would be under dressed or worst, over dressed, not that it will happen because I have nothing THAT fancy in my wardrobe, although I used to have that ONE ‘bulu-bulu’ (furry) top. Hmmm... Anyway, I was told to come wearing whatever I want because no one bothers with the dress code. Sadly but true enough, not many bothered to dress up.

There is a reason why they come up with the dress code you know. The organizers made the time to plan the details of the event, making sure everything is in order and everyone is having a good time. To show your appreciation, at least try and make the effort to come as requested. I don’t know about you but when I plan something and people do not bother to make the effort, I’d be pissed. And no, showing up does not count.

Btw, there should be a law that banned women from a certain age from wearing skirts above their knees. It’s not pretty.

My son is stubborn. That is a fact. If you physically stop him from doing whatever he wants, he will scream and say that he is in pain, which is so not true. Recently, he learned something new. I do not know where he picked this new err... skill. Every time you ask him to do something, he will tell you "I’m sleeping" and pretended to sleep so he’ll get away with it. The other day when I make him apologize to my sister, again he says "I’m sleeping" but this time he pretended to snore too to add the effect. Hee.

I think I need to "mandi bunga" (a bath with 7 or was it 9 different kind of flowers believed to change your luck for the better). Someone told me this has to be done under a bridge. I don’t see the significance but o-kay. Been having a lot of problem at work. Nothing major but it is really unnecessary work e.g. printing and cutting more than 10,000 pieces of little sticker to cover up a sponsor’s indecisiveness. I have been doing a lot of cutting and sticking lately I even dream about it. These headaches can be avoided if people, and yes including myself put more attention to our work. I must also learn no to trust other people too much. They will only take the glory but never the blame.

My colleagues think I am under a lot of stress because I talk to myself and laughing too much.
Don’t I always?
Talking to myself and laughing too much that is.

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Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions