Saturday, January 12, 2008


The other day…

This is SO going to be a whining entry from me. So if you’re already having a bad day, my advice is, please come back after few days for a more cheerful and witty entry. Thank you.

I am sick and tired of the discrimination. I really am. If I didn’t need the money, I would just walk away. Unfortunately my sanity stops me from acting like him, swearing, yelling and sending stupid emails like a useless idiot. I have more class than that. I would never let someone as low as him turns me into someone I dislike.

The problem is I am running out of patience and patience doesn’t come in bottles. So people, we may have a problem.

I really don’t understand it. I don’t understand how anyone can be so evil. Maybe I am emotional because this is the first time in my professional life where someone treats me like shit. It sucks. Big time. I work long hours doing my work without screw ups and even does other people’s work for them. I stay out of politics and never give anyone trouble. So why is he finding fault with me?

Get a life you *toot*



I am feeling so much better because I had a really funny/weird dream last night. I guess I was talking about it so much and it actually creeps into my dream. *LOL* I would not share the dream because make me shy only. *blushes*

I get to go out dancing with some of my girlfriend last Wed at one of the local hot spots in town. Yes, I went to the same place I went with my siblings. The crowd is still either way younger or older than me. Or at least that what it feels like that night. It doesn’t matter though because I was there not to “guy watch” but to dance and dancing I did. Okay, maybe not really dancing but imitating other people’s funky dance move. The important thing was, I had fun.

Few things I didn’t like that night was the crampy dance floor and people who doesn’t understand the concept of good manners. I don’t care how drunk/high/important you are, but please, no excessive physical contact because it’s rude. And they don’t even bother to pardon themselves. So uncivilized. *rolls eyes*

Do I become something else when my status was different?

I can’t believe it’s the 12th of Jan already. *freaks out*
Changes are inevitable this year. Still undecided if those changes are for the betterment of things, but again I do want to be optimistic so let’s just pretend it is good until I say otherwise.

I received a few of those 2008 horoscope predictions. You know this is purely for fun only for the obvious reasons. All the readings are so different from one another, it’s crazy. “This is not a good year to meet someone” “This year you will find your soul mate”. Clearly, someone like me would rather celebrate the prediction that leads to a happily ever after. Not that I went and book a wedding chapel or anything.

By the way, it did say I will win some money through 4D though it didn’t specify what numbers to buy like some star signs (so bloody unfair) but if it’s meant to be, it doesn’t matter what number I buy because it will surely win right? Right?


msLabadin said...

Lala, I just wanna tell u that I love reading your post. Never stop posting especially about your handsome son...

anakemasabahan said...


Gambar yang kou post tu semuanya cantik2 belaka...tapi yg menarik lagi tu pasal 4D...ada lagi peluang kalau berminat sila lawati sia di

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