Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Ekiel!!!

We celebrated Ekiel’s 3rd birthday moderately two Sundays ago.
He told me he had fun so all our (my sisters and I) exhaustion was worth it.
31/2 hour of cooking! *shakes head in disbelief*

I salute my mom for doing this 9 times (including my dad's birthday) in a year.
I must not forget all the other occassions and functions too!

Ekiel waiting for us to finish the Birthday Song so he could blow the candles out

He was devastated when we started another round of the Birthday Song. Or was he disappointed to see the 1 toy car, 3 chocolate cars and 2 pieces of chocolate on his cake? LOL. Last minute bah.

Sesi bantuan kepada kanak2 miskin

Ekiel and his not menjadi sad puppy face. Ni minta kesian mau present.

Ekiel was willing to do almost anything for his present and my sister took advantage of it. She asked for a kiss, a hug and salam.

His effort paid off with a Spongebob story book. His favorite cartoon character.

Doctor Ekiel?

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