Friday, June 06, 2008

I need to make extra cash

With the petrol price increase, slowly but surely everything else will be costlier now. That is always the cause no matter what the government say.

Sadly, with all the increase, our salary is still the same. *rolls eyes* I only have one son and I am worried how will I be able to afford his education, necessity and entertainment, you know the outings to fast food restaurants or to the movies.

Since I enjoy blogging why not turn this hobby into a money-making one. Bloggerwave offers good incentives for bloggers, for even a non professional blogger like me. All you have to do is blog about the products and get this; it doesn’t have to be an award winning entry! A simply entry would be accepted as well and you only need to write a minimum of 50 words, depending on the requirement.

What an easy way to make money, don’t you think?

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