Saturday, June 14, 2008


My family member came back from Jakarta with some virus and spread it to everyone at home with love. The last time I was threw up and visited the toilet that many times in a day was when I got food poisoning at Club Med, Cherating. Let me tell you this, it wasn’t pretty that time and it is still not pretty this time.

I was given a sick leave for yesterday and today but I told the doctor one day would be good enough considering this weekend is pretty busy for us. Though I was at home I couldn’t stop thinking about work. I knew what some people would comment on my absence and true enough, some people did think I was trying to escape from work. I should have thrown up on them.

I am upset.

After throwing up my lunch and dinner the day before yesterday, I haven’t had anything except for two glasses of Milo. Now I am having a really bad headache, gastric and my neck and shoulder hurts. I had to drag myself to work this morning, running around like headless chicken because I was told. Later I have to emcee an event and I have another group to attend for a reccee.

I think it is okay if I’m pissed off with the remark.
When will this torture end?

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