Saturday, June 14, 2008

not so funny

After weeks looking like a shaggy dog/porcupine, whichever works for you, I finally managed to find the time to do hair treatment and what not. Yes, a little pampering for myself for all the insanity of the past weeks. However, I am still not recovered.

My hair is WAY too long, almost reaching my waist so it is perfect for that change I desperately need. However, I can’t make up my mind on what to do. Nothing too short (I have enough with my short hair drama) or too fancy for I have to bun my hair for work. Bangs would be nice, no? My mom said I have a round face but someone said I have an oblong face. So I told the hairdresser to do her magic.

I think I look too serious with the new hairdo. Hopefully it’ll stop other people from bullying me though. Watch out people, my hair bites! *growls like a mad dog*

I think The Gentle Prince has a princess. If I weren’t too tired, I’d probably be a little upset. Oh well. I just thought the princess who captured his heart would be someone *wow*. *whistles* I’m sure the princess has her qualities.

I am thinking to go for a break soon but I am not sure if I should considering my poor economy state. I thought of going alone but I feel guilty to leave my son behind. *sighs* This is so sad. People tell me that we can always earn more money but not our mental state or happiness. Well, will these people pay my bills when I’m broke? I don’t think so.

I wish I am one of the minister or deputy minister. Despite the “hardship” the country is facing, they still enjoy a paid vacation though limited to ASEAN region only.

"The Government, too, feels the hardship faced by the people and felt that the leadership must show a good example in facing this challenge," he said.

A good example would be to freeze ALL vacation. Once the economy is back on track, they could even go to the moon if they want too.

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