Wednesday, June 04, 2008

move on

Almost everyone has gone through break-ups in their life before and I’ve blogged about the craziest thing I’ve done after I broke up with my ex.

Some would argue that my previous relationships weren’t serious enough for me to be severely heart broken. Okay. I agree. BUT I have had my heart broken before BIG TIME. Though the circumstances are different, I am sure the pain is the same.

Boy and Girl were together for a very long time. 7 years? There were wedding plans but it didn’t happen for some idiotic reason which Boy blamed his parents. Anyway, one day Girl dumped Boy for Girl’s ex. Boy was heartbroken tremendously. Boy pours his heart out to his mom in which his mom defended his son for the obvious reason.

Girl dumped her ex who became her boyfriend and ask Boy to take her back. He did much to his mom’s despair. Now Girl’s ex boyfriend re-courted her and he dumps Boy to get back with her ex. Again. Boy once again went running to his mom complaining the unbearable heart ache. The Boy’s mom is worried, upset and couldn’t sleep at night thinking the pain of his son.

I said everyone has gone through break-ups before and the boy must pull himself together. The boy’s mom told me I do not understand what his son is going through and his heart is broken. *rolls eyes*

I don’t understand why the son got his mom involved in his relationship. Will he run to her every time he faces a problem in his relationship or another break-up? When I break-up with anyone or just plain depress, I turned to my good friends, good music and liquor for some cheering up. But of course, that is just me.

I know different people handle pain differently.
I just feel that one should not let their emotions control them. I believe things happened for a reason. If it doesn’t work out for the second time, it is definitely time to move on kan?

So what is my point?
I don’t remember. Hee.

I pity the girl who marries Boy.
I know it hurts but trust me, you’ll get over the pain.
It’s not worth it to be the second choice.

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