Thursday, June 19, 2008

I can't wait Thursday to be over

Despite the aching bones, sore muscles and throbbing headache, I am very happy that last weekend went well. Who was I kidding? It didn’t go so smoothly (Really? It’s a cocktail reception and you only serve carrots/cucumbers/celery sticks with dip? Really?) but nothing majorly bad happened anyway. At this point, I am thankful for every good thing, be it big or small.

Since I have to work last Sunday and the rest of my siblings are …, we’re going to celebrate Father’s Day plus my mom’s 51st birthday this weekend. *Yay* A reason to stuff myself silly. I can feel the pants tightening, and yes, I get all frustrated and upset, but that didn’t tempt me to stick my finger down my throat after eating the whole mamak shop. I do not know what I need to motivate or at least put the fear in me so I could stop eating. I cannot decide if procrastination or gluttony is my bigger sin.

After the whole vomiting and visiting the bathroom episode last week, we finally get to watch Kungfu Panda this week. I know the rest of the world is watching whatever latest movie now, but I must say this. Everyone gave a glowing review of the movie. I don’t know. It was okay but wasn’t that great. Maybe I was distracted by my son who couldn’t sit still and watch the movie. Maybe larr kan? Ekiel was so excited about the movie but his attention was everywhere. I know most people love Po, but I like Head Master Shifu. Hee.

Ekiel and his out of tuned Kungfu Panda move

Someone told me The Gentle Prince is married.
Does this mean I got to strike his name off my “potential” list. *whistles*

I’m on replacement off day tomorrow. Off on Saturday and Sunday. Then I have classes on Monday and Tuesday. I can already foresee the amount of work waiting for me on Wednesday. And my assignments *bangs head on wall* is nowhere near completion. *panics* I know I need to score the assignments because the pressure to do well is killing me. If I am not in the top three spot, I would be the joke of the town.

I don’t know how some people do it. Between work, my son, my need of a personal life and these classes, I am going mental. My brain is working 24-7 and there are many times I just wanted to give up or cry myself silly. There are times when I wish I could scream at everyone to show how frustrated and upset I am. Of course, I have a good moment here and there, but there has to be a balance, no?

There are those who are trying to get me involve me all their mind games.
People, go have a life kay.
Like I said, I’ve watch KungFu Panda and I am not afraid to use what I’ve learned.
*does out of tuned kungfu move*

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