Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day

This is one of those weekend where I wish it would just *swoosh* me by.

It’s Sunday, Father’s Day and I am at work, just came back from the island, smelling like crabs, sweating like a pig, the office’s air-cond reeking like wet socks and I have another group to entertain at 4pm.

My stomach still feels a little uneasy, and my shoulder/neck still hurts. Thank goodness my gastric didn’t act up like last night. I just cannot wait for the day to end.

I rushed to the office this morning because I didn’t want to be left behind by the boat only to find out those guests were late because they had a long and wild drinking session last night. I heard someone fractured his arms while arm wrestling. Yes, arm wrestling. When they finally arrived this morning, some of them were still drunk. Go figure.

I didn’t know The Embarrassingly Narcissistic Snob has the hots for The Seriously Handsome Warrior. Hey, go find your own man. Stop stealing my fantasy heart throbs. *sticks tongue out*

yummy crabs!!

I have never seen Slipper Lobster this big before!


At the island, we feasted, gossiped talked about the obvious and discuss about the politics and economy. I finally managed to relax and enjoy myself for the first time this week. Of course it had to end and now I am thinking about my assignment, work and money, money, money.

I still cannot afford the overseas trip so I decided to go to KL again. It’s cheaper because I don’t have to fork out accommodation money. Besides, I miss my friends.

So between now and August, I wish I would hit the jackpot so I could literally shop till I drop.

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.ms laydee. said...

wah!sedap oh! *wink*