Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wed wed wed

Despite the lack of sleep, I am in a much better mood today.

No, there is nothing special happening today and what not. Maybe I just woke up at the “correct” side of the bed kan?

I suddenly miss Christmas when I realized it is only four months before the year ends. Usually this would be that time of the year where I panic and whine endlessly because I have not achieved anything blah blah blah.

I can be so “drama” kan sometimes?

However, I am pleased to announce that this year I am not bothered by it anymore. *grins* Okay, I am not bothered by it THAT much anymore. Not sure if it’s because of the age thingy, or the fact that I could strike out a couple of things in my To-Do-List or because I am so distracted by something that I do not know how to explain. I could try but why bother when I myself do not understand it.

Anyway, life IS STILL like a rollercoaster, but for now, I get to sit back and enjoy the view because I memorized all the loops and the drops. *woohoo*

Like they say, “Sit back and enjoy the ride” and that is exactly what I am doing.

Talking about Christmas, I am still thinking for a theme for this year’s Christmas present. Yes, every year I do have a theme of some sort like bags, funny T-shirts, etc. I am a practical gift giver so the presents I am giving needs to be useful. What about funny socks? *grins* Ekonomi tidak berapa bagus bah.


1. How do you inform ALL your family members about a family reunion?
Phone calls?

Face to face invitation?


Invitation cards? I prefer this but some people would think this is rude.


Newspaper ad?

2. What sort of games do you have during your family sports day?

For some reason I am expected to organize my family reunion this year. The last family reunion we had was in 1992. Nobody is interested to do the invitation for the obvious reasons and I DREAD the idea of calling all the relatives. And the games bit? I’ve been organizing our “sports day” for the last three years and I am already running out of idea. *sighs*

Check out this twin banana I got the other day...


carolchs said...

from what i observed in my hubby's family tradition...they have their own permanent family reunion committees...the appointed secretary will SMS everyone...or call if no answers from them.

angelicbug said...

thanks carol.
i think i should appoint someone to do it la. heee.