Wednesday, September 24, 2008

jingle bells jingle bells....

I’ve been stuffing my face silly the whole day today. I am not sure if it is post-ms, stress or I am simply being a pig. I am sure it is all that. I am so full, it is not even funny. Instead of walking, I think I’ll just roll myself around later.

And I still have a lot of food in my bag. *whistles*

It’s three more months before Christmas and already I am making plans. Excited? Obviously. But I just want to be prepared, listing down the things we need so I could get my siblings to get them from KL which is slightly cheaper and comes in MANY varieties.

I so want to have a traditional Christmas, tradition meaning the “commercialized” American way NOT because I watch too much TV but it’s the atmosphere and the festivity I am craving for. Of course there is nothing wrong with the Sabahan Christmas celebration, but I’d like to experience something different once in a while.

Like a white Christmas tree with silver and blue ornaments which my mom declare is not very Christmas like. Even my choice of red and gold ornaments wasn’t well received until she saw how beautiful it is with the fairy lights switched on.

You know what I mean?

Three more months.
I can’t wait!

Raya pun belum... *tsk tsk tsk*

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eSKay said...

u r not alone there woman... i too cannot CANNOT KENOT CANT wait for christmas....