Saturday, October 04, 2008

grocery shopping pt1

The other day, I blogged about my fascination about people and how I enjoy spending hours just observing them. I got a chance to do that for almost an hour at the most craziest spot in town during one of the craziest time of the year. Silly me for picking a crazy day to do my grocery shopping but we were running low on Ekiel’s formula so I braved the madness because I’d do anything for that stinky boy of mine.

First of all, I would like to STRESS that some people’s idiocy is WAY beyond my understanding and because of these people; I am losing my patience and sanity by the hour.

I bought something worth RM6.12 and the salesperson opened the bill and clearly wrote 10% discount on that bill. So I queued at the cashier counter and the girl behind the counter looked fairly young and inexperienced. She punched in the sale of RM6.12 and because we no longer use 1cent so it automatically converts the sale to RM6.10. I just looked at her and wondered if I should remind her of the 10% discount. Since I had a pretty good morning, I thought I’d let her know.

Me: Bukan ada 10% diskaun ka? (Isn’t there a 10% discount)

Cashier: Ya, sudah kena diskaun larr ni. (Yes, it has been discounted already)

Me: Heh? Apa yang sudah diskaun? (What? What have you discounted?)

Cashier: Ya larr, dari RM6.12 sudah diskaun jadi RM6.10 (From 6.12 discounted to RM6.10)

Me: … bah, kalau kau rasa macam tu, bagus larr (Well, if you think it’s like that, then good for you)

Cashier: Ya, ngam sudah larr tu. (Yes, it is correct)

By right I should pay RM5.50 only right?

Oh well. I would not argue with someone who obviously needs to re-attend basic mathematical classes over RM0.60. I can understand if she forgets to minus the discount but to tell me it is already discounted when it is not, that is wrong. It frightens me to think what the world will be like when it is over populated by people who doesn’t use their head very often.


eSKay said...

ish.. if me i will insist on the 50cents and make drama there..

carolchs said...

i would have demanded for the discount too but try not to make the whole world knows the girl's flaw in Maths.

just the other day at watson...i bought some stuffs that were given a certain discount as well. so when the boy punches the price, i carefully looked at the monitor to see if he really punched on the discount price. then, i noticed one item that was supposed to have discount remains the same price as on its price tag. so i query about it and yes, he forgot to punch the discount. :P