Saturday, February 21, 2009

the 21st already?

20. After being jobless for five months, I was so broke it was frustrating. One day, I was supposed to come for the second interview but when I got there I was told the boss is in a meeting and told me to come back at a later date. My dad left as he was coming back an hour later to pick me up. Worse, I had no credit on the phone. I didn’t know what to do so I asked the receptionist if I could use the phone to make one local call. The receptionist gave me a dirty look but gives me the phone anyway. Sakit my hati. *sniffs*

I swear never to be in that situation again and I didn’t bother to go to the interview anymore. Why? They should have called me earlier about the change of date and that receptionist could have been more sympathetic.

21. The second last time I received a flower was almost nine years ago from N which I stuffed into my bag because I was embarrassed to be seen holding a flower in a mall. The last was six years ago also from N, a different N which I left on my table untouched until it wilted and collected dusts and cobwebs before I threw it away. I realized now after many “flowerless” years, I should have been more appreciative kan? *LOL* I always pride myself as someone who values the little things in life *hangs head in shame*


I feel a change is about to happen but I cannot decide if it is a good thing or otherwise. Trying to be optimistic, let’s just pretend a great change is about to take place larr kan? *keeping fingers crossed*

The other day after a cancelled photoshoot that pisses me off big time, I took Ekiel to the mall for some quality time. We had lots of fun at the games arcade and what not. There were many times whenever my bag straps slides down, he would fusses over it and made sure it stays on my shoulder. What surprises me the most was when he noticed my shirt buttons were undone (which I did on purpose) he buttons it for me. When I refused, he insisted and told me to listen to him. I was like “heh?”

The other night while watching AI8, I told everyone that DannyG was my bf. Ekiel flipped! He didn’t like the idea of me having a bf. He started crying, calling me naughty and announced I cannot have a bf because he is my bf. *LOL* It is cute.

Weird thing is I feel a little upset to see him reacting like that. I don’t know why.


vsk said...

wahhh you have one son soo protective over you... sounds like CJ only... =P

carolchs said...

he's not use to knowing or seeing you with other man bah that :)

angelicbug said...

vsk: very. betul2 mcm bf this

carol: maybe larr kan. i've only introduced him to my gfs. hehehe.. mau cari target practise this first...

tsmanta said...

hahaha, susah la ni kalau mummy mo pi dating...he's so cute la Lala