Friday, February 27, 2009

all I have is my sanity

26. The first “party” I attended was in college during the orientation night. A long haired senior whom I had a crush on for like a week *LOL* taught me the joy of head banging and that was the night I fell in love with alternative/rock/grunge music. I still do.

27. I never dated until I was in college. After my first date, I received phone calls from my mom and friends back home asking me who was the guy I seeing. Even the South China Sea cannot stop people from talking huh? Apparently someone saw me and told another person and… well you guys can figure out what happened.


“She has more beauty than intelligence”

I nearly choked when I heard that statement. All I did was keep my mouth shut and listened in horror as the group of reporters discussed her (a particular national artist) intellect and beauty. *shudders* I so do not want to be in her shoe at that particular moment.

She, in my opinion is both. A beauty queen and a university graduate.

Then I started to wonder. I wonder what would they say about me because isn’t it human to do so? To wonder that is. I couldn’t decide, at first if I want to know what they think but because I am a not so bright curious cat, I think I would want to know. *giggles nervously*

I am not interested to know about the beauty bit because seriously, it’s not even funny if I make a joke out of it. No, not low self esteem, I’m just being realistic.

The intelligence bit now that’s scary. Though I am no bimbo, I am not the smartest chick in town either. Besides, how do one measure another’s intellectual?

So, if I don’t have both, then what else do I have?

Personality? *woohoo* *LOL*

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