Wednesday, February 11, 2009

7 to 11

7. I thought I was a goner when a psychotic cab driver stopped his car in the middle of the road during high traffic because he was pissed with the jam

8. The first concert I attended was Jimmy Lam’s (a Taiwanese artist) concert in KDCA. I was at the front row and when I managed to touch his hand, I was sure I’ll be the future Mrs Jimmy Lam

9. I didn’t like the taste of beer the first time I had it but I kept drinking it anyway because my friends were enjoying it. Had major rash problem the next day and I thought I would never touch that stuff again. *whistles*

10. Remember the scene in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hei” where Anjali Sharma tried her best to “dressed up” like Tina that is the scene where I cry the most. I feel you Anjali and I sometime still

11. My hands would tremble and my heart would be racing EVERYTIME I called The First Crush despite me calling him at least once a week for few years. I have never made that many phone call to a single guy ever since. *LOL*


eSKay said...

wat happens to 1 to 6??

angelicbug said...

it was in the previous previous post post la. patut one a day tapi.. hhehehe... M always distracted by other things.

btw, claire ask abt the accommodation in bali. i like the bamboo hotel option.

eSKay said...

hmmm.. i wanted to confirm.. but i have to actually do my passport first.. one of these days, i go do.. then i confirm k..

what the time limit abt the hotel? give me time limit.. pressure sikit..