Sunday, February 01, 2009


5 minutes before I attempt to finish my assignment in the next few hours… *sighs*

The past few days, there is nothing I want more other than to just do nothing. To just position myself nicely in front of the TV and let the idiot box mess with my mind and at the same time scare the hell out of me with the crazy things that has been happening around the world lately.

Unfortunately, even in a perfect world, that will never happen. Not the messing and the scaring though.

We try our best to make life a little better. Most people put their heart and soul to their work. Some concentrate on finding their true self while others are dedicated to comfort those who are troubled. The not so funny thing is I cannot put myself under any of this category. *whistles*
My waiting for a sign from the universe is taking forever.

At my age, I still have no idea what am I REALLY good at. I’d put hardworking as my forte but my ex boss told me that’s not an advantage for every employee is EXPECTED to be working hard. *rolls eyes* He said I got good communication skills BUT I realized my GOOD can never outdo other’s GREAT PR. I will never be because I lack the enthusiasm and the chattiness.

What about accommodating? Is that a skill?

Some of you may wonder why am I worrying about this now. At almost 31 years of age, I think I should be able to define who I am. I’ve been thinking about that lately and it makes me nervous when I find it difficult to define myself in the corporate terms. Yes, I am not interested with the corporate ladders and dislike the “dog eat dog” concept, but unless I hit the Jackpot, I still have to drag my lazy arse up the stairs no? I seriously can’t be doing what I am currently doing until my retirement kan? *vomits blood*

How do you know your own strength? I’ve seen so many disillusion-al people I do not want to be like one of them.

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msLabadin said...

I just did my career profile due to the upcoming re-structuring in the company and yeah i did a very 'selling myself' job and i hope i succeed... what did i put my strength??? I forgot lah, i check dulu bisuk nnt i tell u:)

Good luck with urs...