Wednesday, February 18, 2009

how u doin'?

12. I had my first and last birthday party when I was twelve years old. I cannot remember the exact number of people I’ve invited but I do remember the number of people who actually turned up. Two. From that year onwards, birthdays have always been a drag for me.

13. The first time I had my under wired bra was the day I, and many others realize I actually have boobs. *winks*

14. I was ten when I heard my friends talking about period. Curiosity killed the cat. My mom scolded me for learning a bad word from my friends.

15. My siblings and I found colored balloons from my uncle’s drawer when I was like what? 7 or 9? It wasn’t until years later I realized those were actually condoms.

16. I always had this vision in my head when I was young. For many years I thought it was just my imagination or something that I have dreamt before. I can see my father coming out from the car, shaking his head and my aunt became hysterical. During my psychology class in college many years later, it hit me. I confirmed it with my mom and that may be my earliest childhood memory. The day my paternal grandma died.

17. I got stood up once in college before. I was supposed to meet a guy whom I met and chat with for months through MIRC. We could chat and later speak on the phone for hours and hours about anything and everything. One day he asked me to meet up and I agreed. I waited for an hour and tried calling him on his phone. He never showed up nor picked up my call. My reason: he saw me and didn’t like what he sees. Of course I was upset but I did learn many things from this experience and one of it to make sure I look damn good before I meet anyone for the first time. Thank goodness I never had a similar experience anymore after that. LOL.

18. One crazy night many many full moons ago. With the idiotic “experiment”, the psychotic idiot whom I thought was showing off his body but apparently was showing his weapon and I meant that literally, the sneaking out through a back door exit to avoid the about-to-happen raid at a popular club and running, or rather trying not to fall down the spiral stairs made me realized I was too old for that kind of madness. It was great fun but too much will “kill” me. And the two day “hangover” just made it easy for me to quit.

You must be thinking I am mad for sharing no 17. I don’t know. I am just not bothered by it anymore. I’ve wanted to share about it many moons ago especially when people forces me to hear them preach about inner beauty blah blah blah. LOL. We don’t live in a perfect world. I know this and it is okay.

Many things to share but I do not have the time nor the mind to do it.

Later. Take care people.

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