Wednesday, February 25, 2009

long wednesday larr.

25. I can’t remember the exact date but I remember it was a fasting month. My brother and I went to the kedai kuda (illegal slot machine operator) in the middle of the night because we were bored and… bored. While I was busy concentrating on the slots, few guys came into the shop with parang (machete) and started screaming at the guy at the counter.

One of them started hitting the guy while the rest went to collect the money from everyone else. After what felt like forever, one of them went to pull the hitter. The hitter came to me and pulled the collar of my blouse to see if I was wearing a gold necklace. After they left, I went back home and thank my lucky stars because I did not bring my brand new hp with me because I was still charging it at home *winks* I lost about RM100.00 that night and I hope I will never go through that ordeal again.


How would you react when someone who is very comel (cute) calls you by the wrong name?
I smiled, said hie back and continued my walk back on cloud nine.



eSKay said...

hahah.. u shud correct him.. then he'll remember ur name for life.. and he'll feel so guilty.. he'll be nicer to u the next time u see him..


Unknown said...

yeah!!! like OTWOMANNNN hahahaha