Monday, February 23, 2009

temptation is great

22. I remembered my first song dedication on the radio when I was what? 15 or 16? The song was Goodbye by Air Supply from a guy whom I will not reveal here *LOL* I have no idea why that particular song until this very day. No other song dedication after that. *LOL* Men these days are not as romantic as boys those days huh?

23. I first slow dance to Michael Learns To Rock - That's Why (You Go Away) when I was 17 years old at a friend’s relative birthday party. I don’t remember who I danced with. Serious. The dance was not the most romantic thing ever but it was sweet. The teasing afterwards however was a pain in the neck. *sticks tongue out*


Sometimes I wonder if honesty IS the best way to go. There is always that voice in my head that tells me not tell the truth because let’s face it, the truth sometimes stinks. I believe if the other person is happy, then why should I kill his/her joy? Of course in a life-threatening it is different.

The truth also sometimes stopped us from being idiotic but it sucks because you don’t get to do what your heart wants to do.

It’s always difficult to do the right thing kan?

I always believe things happened for a reason though sometimes I find it funny because I have already learned that lesson many times before. Why can’t karma give me a break?

It is so damn easy to be irresponsible.

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