Tuesday, February 24, 2009


24. One of the many times when I ever felt so helpless was the day when I took the video of the SFC CF performance at LS. Imagine standing in the middle of the field with boys all over the place and they were making lots of noise, some cheering and some making fun of you. It was nerve wrecking. To make things worse, First Crush was there and when the Weirdly Funny Guy yelled out my full name from the 1st or 2nd floor, I wanted to melt on the ground.

That is why my friends, the video was shaky. *LOL* Now you know.


After I came back from work yesterday, my mom told me a kid pinched Ekiel on the face and you could see the nail marks.

I wanted to highlight the matter to the teacher but my mom does have a point. Knowing Ekiel, he could be the one who started the whole thing and blames the other kid. I asked Ekiel why the boy pinched him, he just shrugged me off. From his re-enactment of the situation, he did a whole lot of pushing too. I just couldn’t figure out why.

This morning, we were late. As usual no thanks to my sister. His classmates came running from the washroom (I think) and suddenly my son becomes all bossy and told his friends not to run. So he went into the class and I started to walk away but something made me turn and I saw Ekiel confronted a boy and I saw Ekiel pinching his own face and all. I guess that was the boy who pinched him yesterday. My first instinct was to call Ekiel which I did. When he saw me, he quickly left the kid alone.

Before I figure out what to do, one of the teachers locked me out from the school. *sighs*
I think I better tell the teacher to keep an eye on Ekiel kan?


tsmanta said...

hahaha...Oh gawd, I remember our CF group dance at LS. Why was I there anyways? not like I was actually one of the dancers there kan :P. Mcm groupie plak me now when I think back. Bikin malu oh...hahaha. I remembered that time yg the guys whistled and woohooed mcm 1st time nampak girls.

angelicbug said...

LOL. u remembered!
ya bah... mcm tdk pernah nampak perempuan. i think that was the first time i felt so insecure this.
hahaha... i thot u were part of the performance group?