Friday, February 06, 2009

cold wet friday

Is the rain ever going to stop?

For the whole month of February, I wanted to share 30 most memorable moments to celebrate the past thirty years of my life. You know, so I could go back to the entries and reminisce about the good old days 10 or 20 years from now. *LOL* Since it is already the 6th, I better start now or this will end up in “Project Undone” store, locked away in my Lala Land.

1. While I was on stage performing in the Kindergarten Prize Presentation, I saw my dad among the crowd. I was so thrilled I gave the best “cloud” dance anyone has ever seen so my dad would be proud of me. He said he was and I’m glad I did because he never bothered to attend my other functions after that.

2. When I first saw my menstruation, I smiled from one ear to another because I was finally a “woman”. *LOL* I started walking with my head up and chest out from that day onwards.

3. After days and days coaching a group of special children the alphabets I was rewarded with one of them being able to recite it on his own. I was so overjoyed I started jumping excitedly and the other children soon joined me “dancing”. The feeling was priceless.

4. I wrote my number on a RM2 and gave it to a guy at a club. *LOL* Thankfully he called me the next day!

5. I accidentally flashed myself while going off the public bus. The last time that many people saw me with that much of skin was the day I was born. I took the cab for the next two weeks.

6. I wanted to impress this particular boy in class when I was in kindergarten. The boys were playing “who can throw their rolled hanky the highest” so I joined in. I rolled my favorite purple colored flowered hanky and threw it in the air BUT my rolled hanky flew out the window instead. *sob sob* At 6 years of age, I have already learn that boys will only bring you nothing but heartache.

*chuckles* This is fun. Reminiscing the good old days…

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