Sunday, March 01, 2009

march already?

28. When I was 7 or 8, maybe 9 years of age, I thought my parents left me at a supermarket because I insisted buying a book. See, my mom finally let me buy the book and gave me some money to pay at the cashier. At the cashier, I was short by 20cent I think. I told the cashier I will be back only to find the car where I thought my parents have parked is gone. I went back to the cashier again, because I was pretty sure my mom have given me enough money and true enough, the first cashier made a mistake. I was so happy to get my book, I find it perfectly logic for me to walk back home. It was around 8-9pm mind you and I walked all the way from Towering back to my house. How many kilometres is that?

Only when I reach my house without my dad’s car parked in the driveway I realized I was in deep shit. *LOL* I started shaking when my uncle (who was living with us that time) picked up my mom’s call asking if I am home. I waited patiently for the punishment. When they came home, my dad gave me the silent treatment which I assure you is more painful than scolding. My mom started nagging but I didn’t mind because I got the book that I wanted. And yes, I am very thankful that nothing happened to me that night.


This morning, when I saw March on my inbox, I got blur for a while. Isn’t it still February? *LOL* Well, it’s not my fault if the month only has 28 days.

Years ago, I laughed at my friend when one night, she covered her face with her purse when she saw someone she didn’t want to see. I didn’t see the logic, then, for her to hide when I think she should have just walk with her head up high to show that person’s presence does not affect her at all.

Few days I ago, I, Clara Angelicbug, did the same exact thing. *hangs head in shame* When I realized it was that person, I covered my face with my wallet as if it was going to cover the whole of me. *LOL* BUT I did asked myself wth was I doing so I put my hands down and walk as fast as I could with my eyes fixed to the ground.


These days my spontaneous reaction is a disappointment. In my head, I know exactly how I should behave, but my body however, does the opposite. I used to respond very quickly to situations too like always catching a falling glass from the table. Now, all I do is close my eyes and ears. Yes, ears. *whistles*

Is this part of aging? *LOL* If it is, it stinks. If it’s not, then someone better get me some professional help. Maybe it is just a phase. Please let it be a phase. I am sure everyone has gone through it right? Anyone?

Those days when I think too much I always fail to react immediately. Like when the motorcycle hit me. I just looked at the motorcyclist and walked away. Or when the car hit me. I just pick up my sunglasses and walk away. That was a bad phase. Come to think of it, I was always unlucky too! *LOL*

Oh well. At least my instinct and common sense is still working. I think. It’s hard to tell these days.

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