Tuesday, March 10, 2009

pecah kepala

This morning when I picked Ekiel up from school, the class teacher apologized over and over again about Ekiel’s accident last Friday. It’s not her fault if Ekiel could not sit or stand still for 30 seconds. I asked her if Ekiel cried that day and Ekiel did tell us the truth. He did not even shed a tear.

I finally met Esther, Ekiel’s so-called gf. *LOL* I was like “hello… you’re Esther huh?” The girl just smiled shyly. The teacher asked me why so I told her Ekiel told everyone Esther is her GF. The teacher started laughing and Ekiel got so pissed. “I don’t like you mommy! I don’t have GF!!!”

*LOL* Another story to share with Ekiel’s future GFs. 


eSKay said...

sad.. so he MC la today??

angelicbug said...

nope. still go school one.
he won't brush his teeth but he doesn't want to skip school.