Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nothing stays the same forever

Today, at this very moment, a dear friend of mine is having his wedding reception. Due to psychotically humorous circumstances, it was wise for me and my bestbiens not to attend. *sighs* I can imagine him so handsome in his outfit with his “kontrol macho” smile that we love.  If only things didn’t have to be this way.

Some friendship will never stay the same forever kan? *sniffs*

The hot weather is melting my sense of humor. No wonder I am not so funny today. Hee.

During my Tourism class just now, we were informed that our test would be based on the movie “Night At The Museum”. Yes, I do not see the connection too. Anyway, when you dictate that to a bunch of *ahem* mature students, we would take it seriously because we sure did not bother to pay attention in class nor revise the materials that was distributed.

She played the movie and all the lights in the room were switched off. Knowing my memory will fail me shamefully, I quietly took notes of what I think is important (tourism related) in the dark thinking I must be the only crazy one to do this and crossed my fingers I would be able to understand what I scribbled.

When I got the test paper, I wanted to laugh out loud to see the so-called movie related questions. There were only three questions and none of the info I wrote was useful! Well, except one, the name of the US president displayed in the museum – Theodore Roosevelt.

 For the rest of the questions, I did what I do best – bluff my way through which I think I did an okay job. *LOL* Feeling rather foolish, I threw the notes into my bag and left the class. One by one came out and we started talking about the whole thing when I realized I wasn’t the only one taking notes during the movie!

The funny thing was some of them took every single detail they could think of including the name of the cafĂ© where Ben Stiller went, the advice Ben Stiller gave his son during the baseball game, the name of the confused dinosaur and so on. Some even tried to remember the number of times Ben Stiller and the monkey hit each other.  They also admitted using their HP to guide their writing because it was so dark they couldn’t see a thing. *LOL* I laughed so hard my mascara almost run.

I am so going to miss this when the class is over.
How many more things will I miss in the future?

Despite the sadness, I saw two rainbows on my way back home. That is always a good sign no?

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